Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries at OverAttired!


We’re very excited to start up a weekly series screening night in the upstairs lounge at OverAttired, beginning with the fabulous Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!

We’ll open the upstairs lounge at 6:00 so you can grab a seat, popcorn, and a drink before the show.

At 7:00pm we’ll screen an episode, and then chat about it afterward (the clothes! the cars! the language!).

Beginning on Wednesday, February 24th, and continuing every Wednesday henceforth!

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If this sounds like your glass of sherry, please come!

Here’s our Episode Schedule for the next month:
2/24: 7:00 – Season 1, Episode 1
3/2: 7:00 – Season 1, Episode 2 (6:00 – Season 1, Episode 1 makeup)
3/9: 7:00 – Season 1, Episode 3 (6:00 – Season 1, Episode 2 makeup)
3/16: 7:00 – Season 1, Episode 4 (6:00 – Season 1, Episode 3 makeup)
3/23: 7:00 – Season 1, Episode 5 (6:00 – Season 1, Episode 4 makeup)
3/30: 7:00 – Season 1, Episode 6 (6:00 – Season 1, Episode 5 makeup)

Don’t know Miss Fisher? It’s an Australian series set in the 1920s featuring a very independent, sexy, and witty mature female Sherlock Holmes. If this doesn’t appeal to you, I don’t know why we’re friends. Here’s a Trailer for Season 1.

Our shop on the main floor will remain open for the duration of the event!

How much does it cost? It’s free! Wooo!
Dress? Your hosts will be dressed up, and we couldn’t stop some of our friends from dressing up if we tried (and we certainly wouldn’t!), but this isn’t a “dress up required” event. Quite a few guests will be coming from work without stopping home first, and not everyone works in a vintage clothing shop ;)