A Midsummer Night’s Ball

I am very happy and proud to formally announce A Midsummer Night’s Ball (link to FB event) on July 18th at the Lake Merritt Dance Center at 200 Grand Ave in Oakland!


The Brassworks Band will play four dance sets from 8:30 p.m. until 12:00 Midnight. Thrill to many of your favorite waltzes, polkas, mazurkas & schottisches, The Congress of Vienna, Jolly Dogs Polka, Sir Roger de Coverley and Bohemian National Polka!
Semi-Formal attire required, and 19th century styles are encouraged. Please see the Gaskell Ball page on attire or photos from previous Gaskell Balls. Admission at the door is $25 (cash/credit/check). A free beginning waltz lesson from 7 to 8 p.m. is included, and light snacks and refreshments (including a punch shockingly-similar to Gaskells punch) will be served. The dance schedule will remain very familiar to those who have attended our previous Ball or a Gaskell Ball.

The most OverAttired of the evening (chosen by our board) will win complimentary admission to the next Ball, and be featured in an OverAttired exposé!

The Ball is put on by Sam Simmons, Monica Lenk, Gregory Seeley, Shannon Valerian, and Frank Davis.

Sign up for our event email list! 

We do need a few volunteers! Please Contact Us to volunteer!

We would love you to bring flyers to other local events!

Full Sheet     Quarter Sheet

Lake Merrit Dance Center Ballroom

Gorgeous 1926 Lake Merrit Dance Center Ballroom


  • Q: I have a gender-based question! A: We have no gender restrictions!
  • Q: I want to wear my corset on the outside! A: Go ahead!
  • Q: Can I bring a potluck contribution? A: Yes!
  • Q: Parking? A: LMDC has a front lot and a (smaller) back lot. Additional parking is located on the surrounding streets, or the very close by Whole Foods parking lot.
  • Q: Is there a ladies changing room? Yes!
  • Q: Should I tuck my shirt in? A: Always tuck your shirt in.

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