The OverAttired Gatsby Afterparty!

This is basically what our Afterparty looks like.

This is basically what our Afterparty looks like.

The Angry Diamond – An OverAttired Gatsby Afterparty featuring The Hot Baked Goods!

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon runs until 6:00pm.
The Angry Diamond will open its doors at 6:30pm, and we should wind down about 11:00pm.
(The Angry Diamond is the below-the-barbershop speakeasy in Baz Luhrmann’s shut-up-I-love-it Gatsby movie)

Beautiful, well-dressed people!
Fabulous live jazz music!
And there might be cocktails.

See you soon old sport!

The Hot Baked Goods are my favorite local trad jazz band. I adore them. Come listen to their beautiful music! The band will play (about) 7pm to (about) 10pm.

What is The Gatsby Summer Afternoon?
Quite simply, it is my favorite event of the year. I (highly) suggest you attend. You can catch OverAttired picnicking near/under the large tree off-stage-right while not chatting up friends across the lawn.
Picnicking Note: If you’d like to join our picnic, please message me (Sam Simmons) directly.
If you can’t make the picnic, we’d still like to welcome you to The Angry Diamond!

The Angry Diamond is located in the upstairs lounge of OverAttired Vintage Fashion, a short 15 minute jaunt from The Gatsby Picnic:
337 14th St, Oakland, 94612

$10 entry accepted at the door, or through Advance ticket link

* Why is your event title so long? To make you jealous.
* Will there be room for dancing? Yes!
* Will the shop be open? Yes! OverAttired Vintage Fashion will be open for regular business 11am-6pm, and the shop floor will remain open to party-goers for the duration.
* Do I have to dress up? Yes. You want to dress up! Because compliments are wonderful! And you’d look ridiculous in a T-shirt in this crowd. No T-shirts and jeans please.


3 thoughts on “The OverAttired Gatsby Afterparty!

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  3. Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2015 is SOLD OUT! No tickets at the door this year. Hope everyone has secured them already, otherwise, see you at the after party!


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