Alterations & Mending


At OverAttired, we are experts in the special care needed when mending or altering delicate vintage garments. We make every effort to preserve the original style of the garment, while giving it the rehabilitation it needs to be worn for years to come.


  • Shorten/lengthen without cuff: $20   with full cuff: $25   with false cuff: $30
  • Take in/let out waist: $20


  • Re-hem: $18  Lengthen/Shorten: $20
  • Take in/let out waist: $20-30


  • Take in/let out: $25-50


  • Lengthen/shorten sleeves without buttons: $25 with buttons: $35
  • Lengthen/shorten at hem: $25


  • Shorten sleeves: $20
  • Take in/let out: $15

Zippers: (Two Week Turnaround)

  • Repair broken zipper: $10
  • Replace zipper up to 14″: $20  over 14″: $25


  • $3 per button + materials cost if applicable
  • Add suspender buttons to trousers: $20


  • 1-2 small holes: $15
  • 3-5 small holes: $20
  • 6+ small holes: $25+


  • Using fabric from the garment: $15/patch
  • Using purchased/matched fabric: $20/patch

Replace Lining: (Two Week Turnaround)

  • Skirt: $25  Suit jacket: $50  Coat: $75

Re-sew/strengthen seams for entire garment:

  • $50-$75

20% discount for alterations on items purchased from OverAttired

Standard Turnaround Time: One Week

Four Day Rush: 50% Surcharge

24-Hour Rush: 100% Surcharge

While we are happy to accept items for alteration any time during business hours, if you have multiple items needing alteration, or require more complicated fit adjustments please contact us to set up an appointment with our alterations specialist.


2 thoughts on “Alterations & Mending

  1. Will you do alterations on new trousers as well as on vintage clothing?
    I just purchased two pair of herringbone wool trousers which need cuffs.


  2. For clothing alterations near me services contact American Dry Cleaning Company London.

    American Dry Cleaning Company provide a wide range of clothing alterations and repairs across all our branches. All clothing alterations and repairs are carried out at your local branch, providing a quick turnaround service. All our branches are fitted with private fitting rooms so our tailors can fit your garments if required.


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