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OverAttired Vintage Fashion has been open for business since October 20th, 2015 in the heart of downtown Oakland.

Located at 337 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612, and only two blocks from BART!

We’re open daily 11:00am-8:00pm

We can be reached via email at OverAttired@gmail.com or (510) 852-9664 or by post at the address above.

OverAttired Vintage Fashion can be found at these fine establishments:



Facebook Page

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Owned by Sam Simmons, OverAttired Vintage Fashion was launched after a successful Kickstarter.

Sam Simmons has been awarded numerous dapper awards, including Mr. Silent Film and the Best Dressed at The Gatsby Summer Afternoon.


We’re happy to be joined by two fabulous shopgirls!

Miss K is the front woman for local punk cabaret band, Victoria and the Vaudevillians. She never quite grew out of the dressing up and throwing tea parties phase. She has a great fondness for the bizarre, curious and whimsical.

Alex is a California-bread artist, collector, and the president of a secret society. If found dead, please turn half of her body in to diamonds and submit the other half to the Smithsonian archives. For more information on her studio practice, please visit her website at www.alexandraphelps.com


10 thoughts on “About

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  8. Hi Sam — I’m looking forward to celebrating with you all at the Deco Ball — in less than a month!
    Planning ahead — I am wondering where that over-dressed bunch who will spill out of The Scottish Rite Temple at 11:00 pm will go afterwards?
    Is there a special nearby bar that might accommodate the over-dressed (safety in numbers)?
    I’m not as familiar with Oakland as I wish to be, but I seem to remember there are nice-ish places close by?
    Thanks so much. — Oh, and so excited about your vintage shop plans (I helped out a little). : )
    – jay


  9. Hi there,
    The girlfriends and I are visiting San Francisco on the weekend of April 22nd. I am a kickstarter supporter and desperately eager to visit the store.


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