The Big One Year Review

I am happy to announce that OverAttired has officially been open for a whole year!

Six months ago I wrote a Big Six Month Review – a lot of that still applies here, but I don’t want to rehash what I wrote then.

Big Picture

On occasion it’s hard to see the big picture, but I feel incredibly accomplished that OverAttired has been open 11-8 every day (aside from a couple holidays) for the past year!

The shop has had Zero Staff Turnover since we opened. I don’t know what the averages are for my little sector of the business world, but I know I can’t do better than zero turnover, so we must be doing great!

But wait, we can do better! We have promoted Terra to Shop Manager, a role that I’m pretty sure she thought she was doing since the beginning, and it would probably be harder for her to not try to manage the shop. She’s done an excellent job at it, and after the promotion she has continued to excel at every area of shop management and improvement I can think of. It’s not an overstatement to say that OverAttired wouldn’t have achieved nearly as much as we have without Terra’s guidance.

We have also welcomed Alex as our third employee! Alex works Sundays at the shop, and we all adore her. She has also recently been deemed The Weirdest on our Team, an award she wears with pride. She has an art show coming up where you can get your own taste of Alex’s wonderful weirdness.


We recently crossed our 600th Etsy sale! Our Etsy shop continues to improve. For example, we are now on our third background, and second camera. Though not what I originally envisioned as the aesthetic for the online component, our (worldwide!) sales clearly show that the clean, simple background is an industry standard for a reason.

Within the next year, I aspire to hire another employee to work on Etsy nearly full time. (would you like to be considered? Contact me!)


In the last year, we’ve hit our Party Goal Twelve Times! I’m over the moon with what we’ve been able to accomplish!

Day-to-day: some days we hit some goals, some days we don’t hit any. We’re doing better than when we started, and I’m committed to continue that trend.

We’re going through a bit of a rough spot currently (we haven’t hit a Party Goal in a month), but I think things will pick up with the holidays coming up, and a few fun events we have planned (more below).

Shop Improvements

We continue to make improvements to the shop, and I still feel like I have more projects in the planning stages than completed, but I’m proud of what we’ve done so far.

  • On the (constant) advice of Terra, we moved the front desk to the other side of the doorway (Right, as you enter). While the Left made sense when looking at a top-down floor plan, the front desk makes much more sense on the right, as we get a much better view if anyone needs assistance on the sales floor, dressing rooms, etc.
  • I wired & hung three more chandeliers, bringing our total to six. I’m pretty sure I’m done hanging chandeliers for awhile, but I’m also pretty sure I said that six months ago, so who knows.
  • We (finally!) hung our awning sign, and it looks great (thank you Golden West Sign Arts!)
  • We completed painting the upstairs lounge. This was a decision to abandon (for now) the wainscoting idea, as it has proven to be a huge amount of time & money needed to finish. I’d love to get it finished, but I am also aware that it has never been my first priority (in addition to all that time and money).



Our most common question is “Where do your fabulous clothes come from?”.

We get clothes about a dozen different ways (most of which I’m not going to write about here), but certainly our favorite way is from people bringing things into the shop to sell. We buy clothes from the 1950s and earlier at the shop on a daily basis and offer trade credit if you’d rather go home with “new” lovely clothing (you know you would!).


We’ve enjoyed fun events recently at the shop with our annual Gatsby Afterparty in September, and my own birthday party in July.

I’m hard at work scheduling upcoming events at the shop including Monica’s knitwear-themed Birthday Soiree on Saturday 11/19, our annual Boxing Day Party on 12/26, and our Anniversary Party on Saturday 1/28/17. Save those dates!

We’re also excited about not-yet-scheduled events including a showing of The Dressmaker and a Lecture Series.


Congratulations on making it this far!

In celebration of our Anniversary on October 20th, our entire shop & etsy shop are 20% OFF TODAY ONLY!

Stop in for a complimentary glass of bubbly and cheers us on many more years of OverAttired Vintage Fashion!

Thank you so much, from all of us at OverAttired!



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