IMG_7230 IMG_7232

Have I mentioned that I’d love to find a truck/van to borrow?

Here’s what I took in today. What you can see: fan, two floor lamps, ladder, and a large box of glassware.

IMG_7236 IMG_7238 IMG_0640

When pulling the previous tenant’s screws out of the wall on Thursday, I had to wait a day to get the last two out, because I needed my “strange bits” set. Who the heck mounts things with 3″ long T-screws?!?

This cabinet in the corner. We are not friends. I got the door off fine (not shown), but there are 5 shelves, each able to easily support my weight, each held on with a dozen 4″ long screws which have been sunk, filled, and painted over, so it’s really difficult to even FIND them. This is nuts. I really don’t want this cabinet in the corner, but currently it is winning.

I finally finished scraping that small section of floor (the upper corner isn’t paint, it’s some sort of filler. I’m leaving it for now). I think I’m going to walk away from the floor issue for awhile, I have more important tasks.

I’d really like Saturday to be “paint prep day”, and be able to get all that done so we can start painting early next week. lots of wall cleaning, lots of spakle to fill in, and somehow taking apart that corner cabinet.

Please contact me if you’d like to help with paint prep day &/or painting next week (probably Mon/Tue).
Please please contact me if you have a truck/van I can borrow for a couple days!

EBMUD Update: Still no water. I’m so unhappy about this. I can’t even contact them again until Tuesday of next week.


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