Shop Prep Day 2

Removed the vinyl logo/lettering from the previous shop. I’m looking into adding my logo in a similar vinyl fashion, or getting it hand painted (which would be preferred, but I’m not sure my bank account would prefer it). I’ll also get a quote on a sandwich board while I’m at it.

Did not remove the old shop hours, which I just discovered are painted on the front, so I’ll try to tackle that tomorrow.

IMG_7226 IMG_7224 IMG_7218

Floor discoveries: Oh hey, all that dark grey isn’t the actual color of the concrete! That was quite a surprise! It’s nice(r) reddish concrete underneath, so my paint scraping job has gone from scraping the light grey section in the front of the store to scraping the entire ground floor. Guys, paint scraping is hard.

The third photo is my electrical box with the first coat dried on the left, and a second coat freshly applied on the right. I’m glad it looks a little less blue & shiny when dry.

Friday plans are to bring over some more stuff, get water turned on, spakle some areas that still need it, scrape/sand down some areas that have been spakled, more floor scraping, some fixture removal from the previous tenant, and prep for painting on Saturday. I’d really like to paint on Saturday. We’ll see how that actually goes.

I’ve gotten offers to help, and want to reply with an emphatic Yes Please!

In addition to the painting, sometime next week I’ll be moving a bunch of stuff over, and I’d love some help.

If you have a truck or van I can borrow for a few days (not a few hours), that would be really wonderful.


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