So Much News!

We signed a lease today!
I’m so so so excited!
OverAttired Vintage Fashion will be at 14th & Webster in Oakland!

First Photo plus words Keys!


Day 1 – 9/2/15

Found out there’s no running water. Hope to have that turned on tomorrow. Painting is really difficult without water.

Bought a Tester size of the paint color I’m going for – Deco Green by Ralph Lauren. Only the best, baby!

IMG_7203 IMG_7209 IMG_7207

I tested it on a hanger (more to come on painted hangers much much later) and a square patch of the wall. It feels too glossy & bright to me right now, but the paint wasn’t dry yet. I’ll be back tomorrow to see how it looks after drying overnight, and perhaps apply another coat to give a more real view of what we’re looking at.

Started to peel off some of the previous tenant signage on the windows, glad that isn’t going to be too hard.

Previous tenant also left a portion of the floor (about 15 square feet) painted, so I started to scrape that up. That’s going to be slow going.

IMG_7204 IMG_7211

I moved in our first piece of furniture – our kitchen stool! Hopefully that will be gone by the party.


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