Fast Fashion

John Oliver did a show this week about where our modern clothes come from on this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight, touching on many points I’m very passionate about.

In the era of fast fashion made overseas by child labor, I believe vintage fashion provides an answer to so many moral dilemmas in modern clothing. For every outraged newscast and law created to stop this, large companies keep finding another way to shrug it off. And what alternative do people have? I believe the only way to disrupt these terrible industry practices is to create and support our own ideal.

Before overseas sweatshop clothing, America took pride in creating quality, stylish garments that last. Many of these garments are in great condition and deserve to be worn again, especially given our other option.

We want to continue this homespun tradition with reproduction vintage clothing made right here in Oakland, created by people skilled in their trade, working for a living wage. I wear a handful of reproduction pieces made in California, and it’s the best feeling to know I’m directly helping sustain our local economy, often directly benefiting people I care about.

The most environmentally conscious fashion choice lies with vintage clothing. By wearing vintage styles, We’re buying clothing made and sold in the USA. Dressing in stylish vintage fashion has lead to daily compliments from people passing by on the street, which is an amazing experience I want to share with everyone at OverAttired.

I’m proud to say I wear clothing made and sold in the United States. I want you to be proud of the same thing.

Please support my dream to bring this feeling to you, by clicking the image below. We’re nearly 1/3 of the way to our goal, and I would really appreciate anything you can do to support us with a Pledge and/or Sharing the Kickstarter with friends.

Geometric 003


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