7 Days In

Geometric 003

My life has been completely taken over by this Kickstarter.

Whatever I thought a few months ago about how much effort this would take has been exceeded by an amount so large, I’m uncomfortable even thinking about it.

We made some early/amateur mistakes that have since been corrected


As of this writing, we have raised a little over 25% of our goal, from 115 backers. It’s “middle of the road” – it isn’t fantastic, but it certainly isn’t terrible either. I’m devoting all free time to making this successful.

Our video, which is essentially my favorite thing I’ve ever produced, has only been viewed 800 times. I love this video, and I’m extremely thankful to Paul and Justin of Zoetic Labs for their work producing it. I’m even more surprised that 85% of people who watched our adorable video haven’t backed the Kickstarter. My biggest, most important question is for that 85% – if you watched our video and didn’t donate, why? Was it not cute enough? Were the rewards not appealing? I really want to know. If you’re in that 85%, please let me know. No judgement.

To the 15% who have backed my dream, all I want to do is give you a big hug.

Of those 115 glorious backers, 100 have been our friends (thank you all so much!) and 15 have essentially been from referrals from friends – friends-of-friends who checked out our Kickstarter when a friend shared it.

Our Kickstarter has been shared by our fabulous friends about 35 times, or about 1/3 of the friends who donated. We would really love the other 2/3 of our friends who have backed our Kickstarter to share our campaign too! It would be a huge help in making this campaign successful!


I’ve got a whole Promotional Calendar devoted to not missing any chances at promotion, while not bombarding you with a new promotion too many times in a day. If you have a promotional idea for our Kickstarter, I’d love to hear it! And if you know anyone who works at Kickstarter, I’d REALLY love an introduction!

I’ve also just updated the OverAttired Calendar with more fun local events, including our new OverAttired Gentlemen’s Social Club on Saturday!

Speaking of Promotions, TODAY ONLY we have a ST. GEORGE DAY SPECIAL!
Never heard of St. George Day? It’s totally a thing! They have feasts and Kickstarter sales!
TODAY ONLY The OverAttired Society membership at HALF PRICE! Still a full year! What a deal!
If you’ve already backed at another reward level and want to add the OverAttired Society Membership, just add $50 to your existing pledge TODAY, and we will take care of the rest!

Please contribute and share! 


It’s been a wild ride so far, and we’re just getting started!


One thought on “7 Days In

  1. I wonder how you hit that 85/15 metric. Is that raw number of hits? Hits per IP address? I know I’ve hit the video a lot of times now, half of them unintentional, and from at least 3 different devices (maybe 4). So that metric may not be telling the right story (as metrics are often not as reliable as we wish them to be).


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