Geometric 003

Let me tell you that 11 days feels like a Very Short amount of time when launching the biggest undertaking of your life.

Above is the mostly-final logo we’ve come up with after a wonderfully productive meeting today with Zoetic.

I’m really happy with it.

Please comment with your opinions and impressions! Did you catch the bow-tie and necklace?

I like how it can easily be re-worked to remain consistent. Some version of this will become a button, business card, gift certificate, store section signs, and (hopefully) more things I haven’t thought of yet!

I’ve decided to run the campaign for a little over a month to be able to include all the events below. If you know of ANYTHING I should consider promoting the Kickstarter at/in that isn’t on this list, I’d LOVE to know about it!

April 17: OverAttired Kickstarter Launch Party! Sign Up Here for an alert when the Kickstarter goes live!

April 18: The Rite of Spring Ball Presented by OverAttired! (and official Ball Afterparty at Longitude!)

April 19: Life and Style in the age of Art Deco

April 25: Gentlemen’s Club (link coming soon)

May 2: PEERS My Fair Lady Ball (and Afterparty at The Parlor)

May 3: GBACG A League of Their Own Reunion Picnic

May 8: Deco Drinks (link coming soon)

May 15-16: Alameda Vintage Fashion Fair

May 17: Venetian Fancy Dress Ball & Gala at Oakland Zoo Snow Building (link coming soon)

May 23: Art Deco Preservation Ball

May 24: OverAttired Kickstarter Campaign End & Wrap Party

Related: I’ve updated The OverAttired 2015 Calendar, and made it a permanent page.

Please see the previous post with more shop detail.


One thought on “11 DAYS OUT

  1. Your logo is perfect. The right air of refined elegance and playfulness. Of course, the tie and necklace are there.
    Crisp detailing. Love it! Can’t wait to get some cards.


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