Friday Links List

Five Quick Friday Links for your weekend pleasure!

PPIE Outfit

San Francisco is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), and we re-lit the Ferry Building tower with 1915 lights as part of the celebration! I got a photograph in The Chronicle! I’m especially honored because I’m the only attendee in their spread! Thanks Chronicle! I hope to do a proper write-up about this soon, but for a quick preview – I’m wearing an era-appropriate brown sack suit with blue windowpaning, blue tweed waistcoat, blue ascot, false soft collar shirt and brown derby.

PEERS is throwing an Edgar Allan Poe Ball this Saturday! That sounds horrifying and depressing unless you know Lee, our resident fantastic Mr. Fox Poe. I really, really hope he does a reading!

I’m throwing an Irish Ceili Dance on St. Patrick’s Day! Come on over to The Parlor for a proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration and dance!

Lovely short commercial from ReVamp Vintage out of Los Angeles. ReVamp does some of the best repro clothes I’ve found!

Humor: McCalls Pattern Behavior Tumblr. I can’t quite articulate why I find this so funny, but I’ve been in tears laughing while going through this lately. Warning: if your humor mirrors mine, you will not be able to keep quiet at your desk.


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