Laurie’s Black Diamond Cocktail Corset Dress


Monica and I recently had the pleasure of modeling for Laurie Tavan, showing off a stunning new dark magenta & black piece she created.

Well, Monica modeled the corset, I was just a prop. Guys, why am I always the prop??

The session was done for a corsetry competition at Foundations Revealed that ends in three days(!) at the end of February.

If you’re a member of Foundations Revealed, or you’d like to become a member, I highly encourage you to click over and vote!

As a “prop” I always find it amusing that I’m running around filling the car with stuff, while Monica is modeling one specific thing, that she doesn’t even need to bring!

20150208-_JRT0634-2 20150208-_JRT0653

Though we only used one outfit, I wanted to give them choices, a rabbit hole you never want to watch me go down.

I brought a full suit, two pairs of trousers, 3 shirts, 20 vests, 3 pairs of braces, 3 pairs of cufflinks, 2 hats, and 3 bow ties.

We went with a black (real) Victorian brocade waistcoat, matching vintage black brocade bow tie, striped morning trousers & black cap toe spade-soled shoes both from the 20’s, and fez of indeterminate vintage.

I’m sure you’ve noticed my beautiful figure; underneath all that I’m wearing a Laurie Tavan corset as well!

Yes Gentlemen, men can wear corsets too, and we look fantastic in them!

I wore a waist cincher corset underneath my Edwardian Ball outfit too (post forthcoming). I find they give that perfect Victorian/Edwardian male silhouette without looking like I’m wearing a fetish outfit (post not forthcoming).

The corset I wore had a wonderful innovation from Laurie of making the top binding elastic! Normally a man will ask that the top of the corset be bound as tightly as possible over his lower ribs, because any gap will give the unwanted (by most of us) impression of a bra/breasts. Using elastic for the top binding completely eliminates this problem.

On to The Corset, which I can’t even begin to do justice with mere words, is made of alternating panels of black satin coutil and magenta silk charmeuse. She calls it the Vegas Black Diamond Cocktail Dress – aka. Smoked Sugar. She made many wonderful posts about the making-of.


Two magenta satin bows “tie” up the front, and a layer of black lace adorns the top of the bust.

Go vote for this amazing thing!


Laurie also made a “sister corset” to this one, modeled by a British model here (somewhat NSFW). Yes, it’s ALSO AMAZING. I love the accentuated V made by the black satin, essentially in the dead-space between the diamond-patterned fabric, how different they both are.

Monica accessorized with two different vintage hats – a black mock-bowler and diamond-shaped hat (I admit she brought along 3 hats), and stunning American Duchess Harlow shoes.

20150208-_JRT0638-Edit 20150208-_JRT0787 20150208-_JRT0775

Backstage secret – those fern shadows in the background were lit by photography lights in the next room! We only saw frosted glass pocket doors while doing the shoot, but thanks to Jeremy Tavan’s expert camera work, the hidden fern backdrops look amazing!


I had a wonderful time modeling for these very professional photographers, who have provided me with half of my favorite photos of myself. I’d personally recommend Laurie’s stitchwork or their photography. This is not a paid post.

All photos by Tavan Photography. Used with permission. Negroni mixed by Jeremy Tavan.


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