Bowling Shoes

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I’m wearing a vintage Christmas Winter sweater, because it’s still winter, regardless of what 73-degree-California would have you believe. I just noticed that the red shapes pattern across the sweater isn’t as symmetrical as it should be. WTF 1940s people? Between the sweater and shoes I’m wearing blue drop-looped wool trousers, and stripey socks.

I’ve always been fond of recycling bowling shoes as casual vintage wear. With leather soles, they hold up MUCH better than 70+ year old rubber on the bottom of sneakers, AND they make fun dance shoes!

Here’s another pair of bowling shoes, matching my floors. Contrasting laces make them fun & easy to match with another brownish-red item. Bowling shoes commonly have a suede patch on the right toe; I’ve never found this to be an issue (or even noticeable) when walking or dancing in them.


Monica is wearing a blue 40’s style blouse she made using a reproduction calico print based on a Wearing History pattern, and a navy wool pencil skirt.

(I'm actually a size 9. I suffer for my vanity)

(I’m actually a size 9. I suffer for my vanity)


3 thoughts on “Bowling Shoes

  1. Ah yes! I bought bowling shoes just like Sam’s and wore them in college where I was instantly regarded as super cool. Until people asked me about my bowling abilities…ugh. Not so cool.
    My ever fashionable husband on the other hand
    wore purple bowling shoes which, he says, made him look like kind of a nerd…which was part of the plan. Typical “hustler” style…he would bet money he could beat anyone bowling who teased him about his shoes…and he always won! We now have lots of sharp looking 50’s bowling shirts…and a prize possesion: my bowling dress.

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