Week in Sam

IMG_1912 IMG_1908 IMG_1910

Tuesday I wore a cream cap, black 1941 school sweater from 1941 probably more like 1939 (think about it), and wool flannel cream trousers, cream bucks, and multicolored stripey socks in a desperate attempt for some color. Monica is in a 40’s/50’s red and grey plaid shirtwaist dress with cute asymmetrical button-tab accents on her right collar and left/only pocket.

While keeping wool flannel cream trousers clean starts to feel OCD, they’re an extremely useful vintage wardrobe staple. Everyone should own two, so you always have a clean pair. And if you’re about a size 31/31, I apologize for buying them up.

IMG_1915 IMG_1916

IMG_1924 IMG_1929 IMG_1928

Wednesday a dear friend took me to Les 7 Doigts circus, which was so wonderful, I went back the very next day! I wore a plum cap, brown 40’s tie, steel blue argyle jumper tucked into light maroon drop-looped wool trousers with a tone-on-tone stripe, maroon skinny belt, brown wingtips, and color-block socks.

IMG_1932 IMG_1940

On Thursday I dropped by a Ralph Lauren event at the Macy*s in Union Square before going to the circus again!

Ralph Lauren (mostly on RRL, some Polo) is essentially the only modern mens clothing designer to make quality garments.

I wore a houndstooth tweed cap, neat blue symmetrical bow tie, red jumper tucked into brown 30’s wool trousers with a wonderful orange & triple-blue stripe pattern, leather belt, and oxblood captoe shoes with cream/brown/blue windowpane socks (above).

IMG_1938 IMG_1934 IMG_1936

IMG_1950-0 IMG_1956-0 IMG_1954-0

Friday the rains came, so I took a break from the wool sweaters. I’m wearing a grey nubby tweed 8-panel cap (how do you wash a wool cap? It started to smell in the rain), blue and white striped shirt, navy blue diagonal-striped unlined 30’s tie, and ridiculously high-waisted repro trousers from ReVamp Vintage (I’m currently over 3 ribs). I walked around in grey captoes with grey & teal striped socks, because I went dancing to the Hot Baked Goods, and stripey socks are important for swing dancing (really-not-really).

Pro Tip: My navy braces are kids braces. It’s pretty easy to run into high-waisted trousers that sit so high, you’re tightening your braces all the way, and they’re still not keeping up (sic)!  It’s also pretty easy to find skinny braces preferred by OverAttired (these are 1″ wide), since kids are smaller.

IMG_1958-0 IMG_1960

You may like the rain. I’m glad for you. I pay high rents to live in usually-sunny California where I commute on a bike or driving a convertible. I can’t wait for technology to solve this problem (by causing it to rain somewhere nearby, or only rain while I’m asleep and don’t care about it. I don’t think this is unrealistic. The history of human knowledge is accessible by a computer I keep in my pocket! Either solution is acceptable. Inquire within.)

IMG_1959 IMG_1961 IMG_1962

Saturday we got a small respite from the rain, so I headed out to the Farmer’s Market in a maroon ‘C’ letter sweater (the original owner lettered in golf, apparently), brown 1930’s trousers with a woven windowpane and black/red vertical stripe, argyle socks, and oxblood captoe shoes (pictured above).

IMG_1964 IMG_1966

Oranges have now become Orange Juice. We take our OJ seriously here at OverAttired.

Five grapefruits were also squeezed, for variety (and mixers).

IMG_1946-0 IMG_1944-0

Laura’s lovely hair and flower under basement lights, and The Hot Baked Goods.


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