February 2015 Alameda Antiques

IMG_1885 IMG_1887 IMG_1919 IMG_1883

Monica wore a 1930’s-styled brown houndstooth dress that she copied (by hand, without pattern) from a 1933 fashion plate. You can see the main inspiration on top, and pocket details borrowed from the lower image. Amazing.

OverAttired behind the scenes! Sometimes I set the camera timer, then realize my tie isn’t straight.

IMG_1899 IMG_1897 IMG_1901

I’m wearing light green windowpane vest above brown drop-looped wool trousers with a matching pink windowpane, orange 1930’s tie, tan shirt, matching stripey socks, and “spats”-styled shoes, all topped with a brown fedora.


Here’s what I brought home:

  • Lovely mirror (bonus ceiling reflection, not included in sale) for future OverAttired shop.
  • ‘H’ megaphone – I’ve always wanted one of those. Now I can make announcements with less shouting.
  • Edwardian woman cyclist ad, which will go nicely hung next to my Edwardian man cyclist picture. He was getting lonely.
  • Various books – The Curious Sofa, 1917 Lawn Tennis Annual (lots of great photos), The Trials of Oscar Wilde, a 50’s book of sports cars, and a 40’s Host & Hostess Book by Sunset.
  • Turn of the century shoe stool, also for future OverAttired shop.
  • Various clothing items I bought in order to re-sell at my dream: An OverAttired brick&mortar store that I hope to open this year! Interested in investing in a vintage store/bar? Contact me!

IMG_1865 IMG_1870

I did not bring home:

  • Life-sized Ewok! It doesn’t really go with my home decor, so I offered to turn our home decor into a rainforest on Endor, and Monica just gave me A Look, so I moved on.
  • This neat jug! Printed on it is a hatter fitting a man’s head with a hat-sizer contraption. Paul’s Hat Works in San Francisco has one, if you’d ever like to get yourself properly sized, it’s a really neat experience.

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