Vintage Invasion Setlist 1.23.15

I DJ’d at Vintage Invasion on 1/23/15 in Berkeley. The night went great, and as a Thank You to everyone who came out, here’s my setlist, complete with downloads and commentary so you can listen while following along.

Set A

  1. Waltz: The Shrew. I’d like to thank DJ Delachaux for playing this every year at the Edwardian Ball. I love getting lost in this song.

  2. Swing: Comes Love. My favorite from Meschiya Lake, my favorite New Orleans Jazz vocalist. They play the Sacramento Jazz Fest every year. You should go, even if just for them.

  3. Cross Step Waltz: Lullaby. A beautiful track from a terrible indie movie that took hours of searching to find. You’re welcome.

  4. Accelerating Polka: Such a Lovely Thing. After playing Beirut, all I wanted to play was DeVotchKa (or more Beirut).

  5. Accelerating Waltz: Secret. Thanks for this track Remington. I’m sorry-not-sorry for playing two accelerating tracks in a row. The subject matter is cruel, and it’s difficult not to sing along. More on this theme at the end.

  6. Tango: Vibrate. Everything about this modern love song is wonderful. If you know who Rufus is, you have a crush on him.

  7. Cross Step Waltz: Service Bell. I like my waltzes beautiful and strange, and this doesn’t disappoint.

  8. Swing: You’ve Got To Give Me Some. This is everything I love about early trad jazz.

  9. Redowa Waltz: Reaching. From the people who found Nara for you, a new beautiful sweeping epic Redowa.

  10. Polka: Demon Kitty Rag. Katzenjammer: A lot of your songs sound the same, but that just makes it harder to choose what to play.

  11. Cross Step Waltz: In Our Gun. Sometimes (though not this time) I let the track keep playing, with it’s minute of hard-hitting polka tacked onto the end.

  12. Blues: The Janitor’s Boy. This album by Natalie Merchant is chock full of wonderful dance tracks. (special shout-out to Equestrienne, a lovely Mazurka)

  13. Waltz: The Chain. I can’t stop playing this. Singing along to a Round while waltzing is too much fun.

Set B

  1. Cross Step Waltz: Haunted. Easily one of my favorite tracks to start a set with. Thank you Unwoman.

  2. Swing: Milenberg Joys. Gordon Webster’s band taking an old tune I’ve never heard, and making it unforgettable. I don’t know where Milenberg is, but boy is it a joyful place.

  3. Waltz: Triumphant. Strange and beautiful, by a band you’d never expect to give us something in 3/4 time. Perfect.

  4. Polka: Joel’s Polka. Thanks for putting this together Joel. I wish we were still friends.

  5. Cross Step Waltz: Geek Boy Waltz in C#. A really strange, polyrhythmic very early waltz crowd staple.

  6. Polka: The Bohemian National Polka. Richard Powers, making my world a better place. And you should all be bowing quickly on the very last beat.

  7. Mazurka Waltz: Neverland. I love dancing Mazurka* to this song by “that guy from Savage Garden”. *Does that sound too fast? Mazurka is a group of beautiful, moderately-fast waltz steps, one of which is the Redowa. The Mazurka Waltz done at Gaskells/etc is a bastardization.

  8. Swing: Pumpkin Pie. By The California Honeydrops, during their “golden years” as a swing band. And now I’m hungry.

  9. Cross Step Waltz: Bird on a Wire. It’s pretty. That’s all I’ve got here.

  10. Last Waltz: Tomorrow Belongs To me. So difficult not to sing along. So wrong. So right. Goodnight.


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