The OverAttired 2015 Calendar

January 1: New Year’s Brunch!

January 10: Mr. Rick’s Martini Club New Year Gala

January 15-18: Austin Hot Rhythm Holiday

January 16/17: The Edwardian Ball. The See-and-be-Seen event of the year.

January 16-25: Noir City Film Festival Join me for The Thin Man Double Feature on 1/19!OverAttired at Noir City!

January 18: ADSC Member Appreciation Party at Flora

January 23: OverAttired DJ’s Vintage Invasion! Setlist Post!

January 25: Oakland White Elephant Preview Sale. The regular sale is for amateurs. Pony up the $15 admission and come get the good stuff.

January 31: An OverAttired Afternoon Tea at The Parlor

January 31: Club Moderne Opening Party

February 1: Los Angeles Jane Austen Tea Dance

February 7/8: Los Angeles Vintage Fashion Expo

February 14: Bootlegger’s Ball

February 14: Los Angeles Edwardian Ball

February 14: New York: The Sweetheart Soirée

February 29 & 3/1: Disneyland Dapper Days

March 7: PEERS Victorian Poe Ball

March 7/8: Oakland White Elephant (Actual) Sale

March 13: Bootlegger’s Ball

April 4: PEERS Pemberly Ball*

April 18: Los Angeles Social Dance Irregulars Grand Victorian Ball

May 2: PEERS My Fair Lady Ball*

May 3: GBACG A League of Their Own Reunion Picnic

May 16/17: Maker Faire

May 23: Art Deco Preservation Ball

May 28-6/1: SF Silent Film Festival

June 6: PEERS Doctor Who/18th-C French Ball (1756)*

July 30-8/2: Costume College

August 1: PEERS Alice in Wonderland Picnic

September 4-7: Los Angeles Camp Hollywood

September 5: PEERS NY 1870s Ball*

September 13: The Gatsby

October 3: PEERS 1938 Ball*

October 16-18: Camp Swing

November 7: PEERS Bal de Vampyrs*

November 13-15: Fog City Stomp

November 28: Los Angeles Social Dance Irregulars Grand Victorian Ball

Perennial Events:

First Sundays: Alameda Antiques Fair

First & Third Sundays: The Hot Baked Goods at Amnesia

Second Saturdays: East Bay Waltz

Fourth Fridays: Vintage Invasion

Mondays: Le Jazz Hot at LeC

Tuesdays: Tuesday Night Jump

Google Calendar of OverAttired-approved events

*= inevitable Parlor Afterparty

Have I missed anything? Have something to add? Let me know in the Comments below!

Special Thanks to Michelle McAvoy for the idea and event-collection help


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