Weekend in Sam – Part 1

Reversing a common Facebook post title I use to invite you all along to fun things I’m attending, such as our Parlor Christmas Party coming up!

Recently we took an emergency trip down to LA to see the California Feetwarmers play their last show at The Gorbals, a strange-but-beloved venue in the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Every time I enter through that maze-like gritty back hallway from the side of the building, walking through a small bar, past storage rooms and the kitchen, inching closer to the faint sounds of jazz, dressed to the nines, I felt like I was in an earlier version of the Goodfellas long-shot (one of the greatest parts of a stellar movie). If anyone has a recording of that, I’d love to see it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This was just an excuse to make a busy & fancy weekend into a REALLY busy and fancy weekend.

We left the epic bay area monsoon wearing booties on Thursday morning, and this was our view most of the way down.


We made great time and Nicole stayed open a little late for us so we could stop by Paper Moon Vintage, my favorite vintage store, where we bought some things that will be left undocumented, because there are already too many photos in this post. I did try on this lovely Edwardian smoking jacket that she Instagrammed.

IMG_0208 IMG_0205

I’m wearing a green 1930’s small-windowpaned belted-back 3-piece suit with red pocket square and bow tie for the Holidays, under a porkpie hat.

Monica is wearing a cute green velvet cap over a 1930’s color-block dress that remains one of the best purchases I’ve ever made because it looks fantastic on her, and she gets showered with compliments.

IMG_0201 IMG_0204

After leaving Paper Moon, we ran off to see the Feetwarmers open for the California Honeydrops at The Roxy. We got some dancing in with local friends and stayed for some of the Honeydrops show before heading to Gorbals. I was happy to see the surprise on Lech’s face when he saw me in the audience. I’ve been a Honeydrops fan since The Blues Roots (shameless namedrop).


The Gorbals was PACKED like I’ve (and I assume everyone else) never experienced it before. The band brought along guest musicians, and fluctuated in size from 8-15 members, depending on the set/song. I danced. I sipped wonderful cocktails. I danced some more. The band ended things at 1:45am on top of the bar with “I’ll Fly Away.”


I had the Sassyrac and ‘It’s Bourbon, Honey’, which I was incredibly happy to use in conversation.

The space is being taken over by a new bar called The Little Easy, opening with The Feetwarmers back on January 9th, and Gorbals is moving somewhere(?) nearby, re-opening as a mostly-vegan restaurant, so everything is looking up.


Staying in Silverlake means this was the first of many stops at Intelligentsia Coffee. We brunched at La Mill, and passed the time shopping in Burbank before going to Pour Vous, a Parisian Houston Brothers bar I hadn’t yet been to, which is a requirement when visiting LA (collect them all!).


Look at this gorgeous cocktail. And here’s their sign by the door, which I’m incredibly fond of.

IMG_0226 IMG_0229

Daywear/Eveningwear. Monica is in a wonderful 1930’s brown crepe dress with beaded birds, and I’m wearing a navy blue 1940’s suit. I know this isn’t very exciting; I didn’t really expect to wear a suit again, but she put on that dress, so I had to step up my game.

IMG_0234 IMG_0236

After arriving and climbing nine flights (!) of stairs, Lindy Loft was a ton of fun, has the best view I’ve ever seen from a dance venue, and featured a fantastic band I’d never heard before – Steven Mitchell & The SoCal All Stars feat/Carl Sonny Leyland. Dax and Sarah have a great thing here, and I hope to be back.

IMG_0250 IMG_0245 IMG_0247

Three sides of Sara Lerner. LA dancers have fantastic style, and I’m using Sara because she put up with my obsessive photography, and I didn’t get shots of Tyler, Nico, Dax, and everyone else there dressed so well. Sara’s hair is in a gorgeous up-do, with the biggest hair flower you’ve seen exploding from the side of her head. Below her nice stripey sailor-esque top she’s wearing a Lindy Hop Standard: a pencil skirt with a big slit, because Sara’s swivels are fucking fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if her swivels tore that slit higher! Bringing it all together is a red belt to match, and adorable shoes. Guys, LA dancers even have great shoes! None of this white Keds business we fine acceptable, Sara is in cute low heels with blue ribbon, and I had to photograph these super-cute Remix shoes on another dancer (note the cuban-heeled seamed stocking).

IMG_0253 IMG_0257 IMG_0242

Lindy Loft is directly across the street from the best goddamn bar in the world, so clearly we were headed to The Varnish afterwards. (nine flights of stairs! we were thirsty!)


Drinks 1 & 2 were a Chet Baker, a Varnish house cocktail that I cannot recommend highly enough (thanks Whitton!). If you can’t make it all the way down to LA, we make a pretty good imitation at The Parlor. Also, here’s Paul’s ice cube. He got some girly drink in a highball glass, and he was really proud of how his ice melted, so here you go.

IMG_0267 IMG_0272

Thank you Sara for taking this great photo. Oh, and for completist’s sake, Monica is drinking a Corpse Reviver.

We had a truly fantastic whirlwind trip to LA. It was lovely to see you all.

Saturday morning, after not nearly enough sleep, we grabbed our last cup from Intelligentsia, and picked up raspberries from the farmer’s market on our walk back, destined for champagne glasses…


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