Studio for rent!


You want to live here.

The front Studio above our apartment will soon be IS up for rent!


Look at that gorgeous bay window! Look at those just-refinished spotless 100-year-old hardwood floors! Look at the gorgeous views! Other features include picture molding around the entire room (which I love and use A LOT), a regular closet AND a walk-in closet, and living just above me! In such an old house, sound hardly carries at all between the floors.


Kitchen. Ignore the small Christmas Tree and crates. We put a Christmas Tree in the bay window so we’d have trees on all three floors, but we had to move it while they refinished the floors.

The bathroom has a beautiful tile floor, HUGE bathtub/shower with hanging rail, standing sink, and other great antique features.


Kitchen Window. The front center of the house.

More information on the House Website. Here’s the CL listing! Feel free to contact me or comment below for a showing, and I’m sure we’ll give tours during our Christmas Party on 12/27 (if someone hasn’t snatched it up by then!).

Having friends in the house is just about the greatest thing ever (Hi Curtis and Chris and Annie!), and we’re hoping to move a friend into the last available unit too!


8 thoughts on “Studio for rent!

  1. Hello! This message was sent to me by Tiffany Kelly.

    I am the astounding Kelly Guyon and I am interested in the studio you have to rent. I am 25 year old Bay Area Native who currently works full time at a funeral home in North Oakland. I enjoy reading, cooking and yoga! I also love good brews and open communication!

    I will be free to do a viewing tomorrow, Thursday and any day after Sunday.

    Thank you for your time! Hope to be in contact soon!



  2. Hi my name is Mary and I am extremely interested in your studio for rent! I am a friendly person and hard about this through a link that one of my boss’s friends posted(crazy & obscure bay area connections I know). Just a few questions:
    1) What utilities are included?
    2) Are you open to two people sharing the space?
    I hope to hear from you soon and that you have a good day!

    All the best,


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