Alameda Antiques – Christmas Edition

You were expecting matching 40’s Christmas sweaters, right? I wouldn’t want to disappoint.



It was a beautiful overcast day on the island, perfect for spending a day in sweaters outdoors!

Here’s what I brought home that I can reveal. Tis the season to keep a few things sequestered.

  • BRITONS Lord Kitchener (reprint) WWI recruitment poster. Look familiar? Our imitation poster came three years later. I have no idea where I’m going to put him, but keep an eye out. ($20)
  • Two 78-size travel record cases. I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile, but was unwilling to spend much. I finally found these two, still very sturdy. ($10/ea)
  • If you’ve been to The Parlor, you know we can always use a few more hat stands. Three hat stands, all from different eras. ($40 total)
  • I don’t usually go in for mid-century, but I’ve always found room for allowing travel bars as exception. This set is more complete than most I’ve come across, and I’ll usually have a bottle of gin in that empty space anyway. ($30)
  • Rare mid-century false-bottom jigger. ($7)
  • Two screw-tip tie bars. You know you’re a huge vintage nerd when you graduate from a clip-on tie-bar to a screw-tip tie bar. You’re also a seller’s best friend when you know what they are (same for the jigger above). ($15)
  • “Traveler” brand shoe suitcase. No longer must I feel like I’m bringing too many pairs of shoes on a trip, for they can all reside in their own suitcase! ($30)
  • Wardrobe suitcase. Because I can’t travel with my wardrobe steamer trunks, this might actually see use. Perfect condition inside too! ($30)
  • Books Books Books! I love filling my home with interesting art (see above) and interesting books! Lying down: Two-volume 1911 Punch Serial, The Sense of Humor (now I have one!), Trader Vic Bartender’s Guide (1947), on Oscar Wilde, The Jungle, Shakespeare’s Tragedies. Upright: Another book on Oscar Wilde, History of European Morals, another two volumes on Oscar Wilde (everyone has an obsession or two, right?), Exit Laughing, Gentleman of Quality. ($1-21/ea)


I haggled everything down except the $1 books. (most of those books were only $1. Amazing!)

Finally, here’s a few things I didn’t buy:


  • Tall antique Malt Whiskey sign. I still really want a bar.
  • Blasting Machine. So interesting. So rare. So much money. ($400)
  • Movie poster: Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. Probably the best movie title ever, but it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of my house, so I settled with British war propaganda instead.


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