Cat Report: Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer

Ten points if you get the names reference.

Still life with Rumple and hats.

Still life with Rumple and hats.

“Hey, Hey. Are you going to pet me down here, or do I need to get up there? Ok fine, I’m coming up!”


A study of Mungo head-butt-petting himself using my hand & leg.



We have noticed that you have food for us.

Mungo does NOT hold back when playing with a shoelace. I now check to make sure my shoes tightly tied before entering.


Victory! Stand tall, Mungo!


Rumple is more serene, but did find the shoelace mildly interesting.


Study the enemy. Learn it’s ways. Then pounce! Then fall onto your back, because you’re a cat.


With the holidays upon us, I thought I’d publicly list our pet sitting rates.

$15/$25 daily for one or two visits, available in the Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro areas. The Cat Report is free :)

Contact me (via About) for further details.


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