Cat Report

Friends go out of town, I cat sit. Clearly, they’d like photos of their cats, right? Surely they’d also like stories about what their cats are up to while their owners diligent food providers are out of town.

Monica doing her best 'cat mask'

Monica doing her best ‘cat mask’

You’re not here, which Kitteh demonstrates by abandoning our petting to go rub against something that smells like you.


I have spoken to Monica through her cat mask, and she assures me that this is true.


Twitchy, posing glamorously.

Why is this picture fuzzy? Ask your fuzzy cat!

Robot Twitchy in his happy place.

Robot Twitchy in her happy place.




Dahling! Take me in your arms! Hold me! Kiss me!

Further photos are illegal in your state, and cannot be shown.

If you think this warning has been placed in error because you live in Tennessee, please send proof of residence and IQ Test (for census purposes) to our Customer Support mailing address provided.


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