Daily Selfie: Emily Asher at The 9:20 Special

I was glad to see a lot of other dancers brought some vintage flavor for Emily Asher’s band from New York playing at The 9:20 Special.
You can still catch her band before they leave town! They’re playing tonight (10/24) at Amnesia in SF and Sunday at Duende in Oakland, both of which I’ll be dancing at!


Monica is wearing a 50’s pale blue knit cardigan sweater tucked into dark blue pinstripe trousers that she made herself!


I’m wearing a 20’s boater that I really need to sell*, despite my huge fondness for the dusty red and cream horizontal stripes, a pale yellow shirt with white cuffs & collar (vintage of some era, whites added by a costume shop), 40’s grey wool vest with pink pinstripes, 40’s heavy wool gaberdine trousers in a nice reddish-camel color, and a purple diamond-tipped bow tie pulling it all together with a yellow & red pattern.


*It’s just a size too big. I’m a 7&1/8, and I believe this to be a 7&1/4. $40. Will not ship. Comment or message me. I’ll pull this footnote when it sells.


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