Pro Tip: Dancers and Sweat

Dear Men (and some Women who sweat),

This is my Pro Tip of the week, but I hope for some it’s your Pro Tip of the year.

Use Under Armour under your clothes.

We all sweat in different places, so I’ll use myself as an example. I sweat in the torso area. A long time ago, I brought multiple shirts to a dance. Now I bring a single extra, but rarely use it.

I religiously wear a white, short sleeve Under Armour Heatgear (don’t get Coldgear, it works the opposite way!) “compression” (tight) shirt.

I wear them under everything when out dancing.

They employ sweat “wicking” technology. I don’t know what that means.

I know it Sounds Like it more efficiently moves sweat to your outside layer, which nobody wants (especially your dance partners).

It does not do this. Instead, it stifles sweat. I don’t know how, I’m just happy it works.

“But you can pass out from heat exhaustion if you don’t sweat!”

Well, that’s never happened to me, and I wear a substantial amount of clothing when out dancing. I’m regularly dancing in Under Armour, a regular cotton T-shirt, and a long* sleeve button-up shirt (and sometimes a vest).

Additional sweat tips:

  • Bring a handkerchief (or two). A hankie fits in a pocket. A towel does not. You can bring a towel if you really feel the need, but other dancers will fear dancing with you because we’re concerned about dancing with someone who needs to towel off in-between dances.
  • Layers! I wear 3-4 layers while dancing because I don’t want my sweat to reach the outer layer. If that happens, I have failed my dance partners. Because while everyone wants to dance with you, nobody wants to dance with your sweat.
  • I’ve found the regular/loose t-shirt style doesn’t work as well as the ‘compression’ style.
  • Under Armor makes a few other garments, if you sweat in different places than me. No judgement.
  • I’ve tried a few competing brands, and haven’t found anything that works nearly as well.

Under Armour links on Amazon. These are not affiliate links, because I haven’t figured that out yet.

*please don’t wear short-sleeve button-up shirts with a vest &/or tie. I don’t know why those exist. Yes, by all means wear long sleeves and immediately roll them up.


Went dancing yesterday, wore Under Armour. You can just barely make it out.


The first layer. I do not go out like this.

Please share!

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3 thoughts on “Pro Tip: Dancers and Sweat

  1. Great post! I am mainly happy to hear that someone else other than me has this problem. I never could figure out how the other people dancing were not dripping buckets like me. I had to take every other dance off just to cool down. I’ll try this under armor trick next time I go dancing.


  2. This is the greatest thing ever, Sam! I’m going to share. I have pondered a related question when it comes to biking with style and I figured that the dancers would have the answer.
    Off to buy the UnderArmor.
    Let me know if you’d like a hand setting up affiliate links.


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