Camp Swing 18: Camaraderie and Culture in the Mendocino Redwoods

Camp Swing Dining Hall

Dining Hall

I promise this is my last post about Camp Swing this year.
At a swing camp/exchange/weekend, camaraderie and culture are more important to me (and other dancers, I suspect) than the classes, teachers, bands, venues, etc.; though all of those effect c&c.
This is your entire worldview, all the time, at Camp Swing. Most of these are not professionally framed photos, they’re just quickly snapped phone camera photos.

Band practice.

I don’t even really like nature. I’ll always live in a metropolis. But staying under a redwood canopy is unparalleled. It is a gift to experience. I watched redwood logging trucks leave Mendocino as I was driving in, and I cried.
IMG_8837 IMG_8836
I hung another ‘easter egg’ sign around the camp this year – did you find it?
Every year, the Talent Variety Show is billed as “no actual Talent required”, and every year we all leave thinking that billing was a sham, because so much talent happened.
 IMG_8778-0 IMG_8783-0
Here’s Arsen at the Talent Variety Show. See Arsen? He’s got some style. He sang a Beatles song in a boater.
If I’m too intimidating, copy Arsen. If I’m not too intimidating, contact me, and I’ll write about you! (not gender specific)
There’s no reception at Camp Swing. Turning off for the weekend is wonderful, and never more obvious than your introduction back home as you see so many people staring at their phones instead of engaged personally. I don’t like to admit my technological addiction any more than you do, but being turned off for the weekend helps renew a more personal, connected relationship with friends, that I take with me after camp.
I’m really happy to contribute to this with the Pajama Party.
 IMG_8827-0Loading up the car, a fellow camper ran over to make sure we got a photo. I love vintage cars, but whoever designed the Nash Metropolitan’s trunk to only be accessed through the back seat was a jerk.
This isn’t everything, I was 1/2 done when this photo was taken.

Saturday, with our cabin in the background.


The yellow car, which we took in 2012. Storage is even more limited, so I added a (removable) trunk rack.

Photo Credits:
1 – Paul Kramer
2, 4, 5 – Cecily Neff
8 – Elisabeth Rene
9 – Laura Jackson
10 – Jim Thorpe

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