Camp Swing 18: The Pajama Party

Our humble Cabin 19.

Our humble Cabin 19.

I’m so happy with what this has become.
30 of our friends crammed into our cabin (and balcony) after the band on Saturday for a cozy late night.
Each year I do my best to promote Pajama Party, and think of ways to make it better. Each year I’m entertained and surprised with what works, and what doesn’t.
This year we tried cocktails, which didn’t work. It’s just not really the setting for it. We’ll go back to beer & wine next year.
We tried making popcorn over the fire, which totally worked, though was we ran out too fast :)
(also, it takes a surprisingly long time to melt butter over the fire. who knew?)
Have an idea we haven’t tried yet? Comment below!
We sang
We danced
(and Sara made a Unicorn roar and then fell over)
We told jokes
We met new friends (who are you, and why are you in my cabin?)
We played the largest game of CAH I’ve ever been part of.
(though there is no evidence of this)
We wound down and closed our door(s) at 4am, full of smiles and soon off to sleep.
Thank you all for coming, and contributing. This party wouldn’t be worth it’s salt if only the hosts contributed. Thank you for singing, playing music, dancing, joking, storytelling, and whatever else I missed by being on the other side of the room.
I’d like to give a special Thank You to my co-host Monica Lenk. Without you, this would be much more difficult to put on. So I’m glad you’re still game for this crazy thing.
I only missed one class this weekend, which is a record for me, because we needed extra party cleanup time on Sunday morning (and I didn’t want to miss Lindy Games, nor the traditional post-camp lunch in town).
We throw parties in-town with some frequency (in a bigger house). If you’d like to be invited, just leave a comment.
This year’s flyer, and previous descending years.
IMG_8828 2013 Final with This Cabin Winner with Camp words

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