Camp Swing 18: Swing Out, Rage On

I can’t overstate how much I enjoy Camp Swing.
We had the excellent idea to drive up a day early this year to spend more time among the redwoods (especially more time while not preoccupied with Camp Swing fun), which made the whole weekend even better. I’m glad I could spend the commute day (Thursday) without being worried about arriving before nightfall, arriving before classes started (or before the dance if we were already running late), or in constant fear of car trouble (Amelia did great! No issues at all, and 27mpg for the trip!)

Pre-Camp Raging

Thursday night I stayed in a barn (which is an understatement, it was a beautiful barn-shaped building) in Mendocino with a couple other early-campers, watching the fog roll in before supper, and waking up to this amazing fog blanket that covered everything more than 30 yards away. Here’s our car, parked in front of our host’s old fire truck.

1956 Nash Metropolitan, 195? International Fire Truck, and fog

Friday was filled with lots of reunion-hugs and catching up, swing classes, cabin setup, and glorious swing dancing in the Rec Hall to Gaucho!
Saturday also opened up to fun classes, great meals, finding time for quick naps, and more beautiful forest exploration.
We climbed a giant stump, because when you see a giant stump, why wouldn’t you climb it? It’s become a tradition.
IMG_8747 IMG_8743 IMG_8832
Monica is in a lightweight olive green & white sweater from Banana Republic (I know, right? So surprising. Nobody ever assumes this is modern), cute little brown tweed knickerbockers, brown striped socks, and brown shoes from ModCloth.
I’m wearing a Harris Tweed houndstooth cap from Goorin Brothers, vintage wool tie, argyle sweater vest tucked into nubby tweed plus-fours, argyle socks, and vintage sporting shoes.
IMG_8720 IMG_8723 IMG_8728
IMG_8724 IMG_8726
Saturday night was a blast with more dancing, costumes, the always-great Variety Show (featuring the ever-growing escapades of Ray John), and yummy drinks throughout the weekend by Jeff Kroll.
We wore… wait, where’d she go?
IMG_8767 IMG_8768 IMG_8777
Monica was dressed as a candy striper, looking Even More like Jenny from Call The Midwife than she usually does.
I’m in a vintage doctor’s smock (it has a belted-back, but did I get a picture of that? No, I did not. I am ashamed.), with reflex hammer and stethoscope.
Here we are posing with Ryan Calloway, the best costume at the dance. (and bonus shot of Tad Ryan with Jenny and Zoë of Sweet Sixteen)
IMG_8755 IMG_8757
Here we are, innocent as can be, getting our photo taken. We both had NO IDEA that our cabin-matesZoë and Jenny had snuck up next to me, nor that Bromley was photobombing from the center! WELL DONE KIDS.
Couple costumes from previous years:
2011 – PanAm Stewardess/Pilot (I miss that show). 2012 – Scouts!. 2013 – Football player & Cheerleader.
IMG_8844 IMG_8843 IMG_8841
IMG_8842 IMG_8851
Sunday is overalls day. I don’t know why this hasn’t caught on yet. I’m wearing Round House overalls and a wool plaid flannel shirt. Monica is in a loose-weave brown blouse from All Things Vintage, and she made her trousers!
IMG_8811 IMG_8809 IMG_8812
 Photo Credits:
1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 25 by Monica
3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 by Laura Jackson
18 by Paul Garber
22 by a machine
Linked stump pictures by Elisabeth Rene
I have no idea who took the scout photos, and everything else by me.

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