New Parlor Furniture!

At Alameda Antiques we came away with two surprising large purchases (in addition to an average amount of small things): An Edison Player and 4-piece Victorian(esque) couch and chairs set! Yes, we now have a couch even more impossible to sleep on than the last one! (which has already been posted to Craigslist)

IMG_8643 IMG_8647 IMG_8656

Unexpected bonus: our 1916 Edison player has the same grill pattern as the ceiling of our 1913 house!

The Edison record player was produced in the teens and 20’s (ours is from 1916), after the Edison Wax Cylinder, and until regular 78’s took off as the (mono) standard (until 33/45 stereo records). The Edison was made in direct competition to the Gramophone/Victrola of the day, mostly* because Edison was a jerk.

This is essentially the oldest form of recorded music possible to still be used, as wax cylinders depreciate & break down over time (and 100 years is a long time).

Edison records are really surprising to hold. Regular 78’s are rigid, made of shellac (a resin from a bug, now putting music in your ears!), and heavy (just pick up five)! 33/45s are flimsy, light, and made of vinyl (as you’d expect). Edison records (also played at about 78 rpm) are molded phenol and formaldehyde (aww yeah…), and as light as a 33, yet a full 1/4″ thick!

*Arguably, The Edison Player sounds better. You can come by and decide for yourself. The diamond-tipped needle doesn’t wear out like steel 78 needles do, and it’s much more difficult to skip.


The love seat and chairs set suits our house much better than our last love seat, which we always intended to upgrade (so here we are).

If you find your chair isn’t quite tall enough, just move over to the next one, as there’s a slight height difference between each one.

The love seat feels ironic, as we’ve already found it most comfortable to sit as far apart as possible. Sitting closer together loses the high backs.

I’m excited to see how nice the dusty pink & dark red wood shows up in future photo shoots (hi Lauren!). They look lovely in The Parlor, matching the rest of the dark wood furniture, and the dark pink of the striped curtains.


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