Camp Swing!

Camp Swing 2 - on stump by Elizabeth ReneCamp Swing 1 - dancing by fire by Annabelle

I’m excitedly packing (well, until now. I’m taking a break. Packing is hard work.) for a weekend dancing and cavorting in the redwoods!

Camp Swing is one of my very favorite events of the year! 
The price is all-inclusive, which makes it just about the cheapest weekend event of the year (I think I might’ve spent more on Gatsby & our Afterparty).
Everything about Camp Swing is a blast! (especially the Pajama Party)
Spend the weekend surrounded by a redwood forest living in cabins in a WPA campground! A variety of swing-based classes during the day, and dances in the evening (with a fabulous late-night Pajama Party!). Lindy Games, a surprisingly-entertaining Variety Show, and if you ever find yourself with free time, a hike around the woods is breathtaking (or so I’ve heard, I haven’t yet found myself without fun things to do there)

And did I mention the Pajama Party? Monica and I throw a Pajama Party on Saturday night! How many campers can we fit in our cabin? What fun will we have planned this year? Come find out! And bring your pajamas!

Swing Out, Rage On!

2014 Flyer Base 2 Final IMG_8680


Photo credits: Elisabeth Rene, Annabelle Zakaluk, Me, Monica


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