Daily Selfie 10/1/14 & Longitude Bar Review!

Tl;DR: I went to Longitude for the first time last week, and I’ve already been back again.

Longitude (http://longitudeoakland.com/) is a new Tiki Bar in Oakland, answering my always-wrong question “can we really sustain another local tiki bar?”

They’re in the old Disco Volante location – a beautiful downtown Oakland green Art Deco building that someone should really tell me more about. They’re also across the street from my cleaners – hat-tip to the fantastic Ideal Cleaners – just about the only entirely-in-house dry cleaners left in the bay area.

I assume you already know many great reasons to go to our other fantastic local Tiki Bars (Forbidden Island & Smuggler’s Cove, & that tiki bar at the top of Piedmont that’s ok, but really it’s just the only thing passable in the area), so here’s some reasons to check out Longitude, which I only wish I had visited earlier:

No giant line to get in (hello SC). Short walk from a train, so you don’t have to cut yourself off early before driving home (hello FI). The drinks are wonderful! I can personally recommend the Black Orchid (so, so tasty!) and Navy Grog (so tasty, and oh god so strong). Most drinks come topped with an orchid blossom! Presentation matters. I have no idea where they’re even finding this many orchid blossoms. And speaking of presentation, I was truly, pleasantly surprised how well they’ve done up the place for starting with (mostly) just a large box. The food! There are MANY vegetarian options, and those I’ve tried have been fantastic. This isn’t just crappy bar food, this is the only place in the bay I’ve been to where I can get a (very tasty) vegetarian Shepard’s Pie!


I’m still not standing straight from that Navy Grog (I biked home).


I’m wearing a straw-woven 8-panel cap, the most ‘tiki’ shirt I own, brown top-loop wool trousers with pink windowpanes, leather & straw summer shoes, and argyle socks.


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