Daily Selfie 9/30/14


We went to see Old Hats at ACT, starring two clowns (Bill Irwin!), and a surprisingly entertaining band – especially the band leader Shaina Taub!

Cheap tickets are on Goldstar! http://www.goldstar.com/events/san-francisco-ca/old-hats

The first couple center rows get some personal-space audience interaction, if that’s your thing (which it should be).

Monica is in a brown wool cap with brass pin, both of indeterminate age, and a matching brown wool crepe skirt from ReVamp. http://www.revampvintage.com/


Her grey patterned 40’s jacket was made nearby in Redwood City – note the cute scalloped faux pockets!


I’m wearing a maroon 8-panel cap from FROM (terrible name, terrible website, quality goods) http://www.fromchloehong.com/ , dusty-pink shirt, 30’s tie, blue wool 30’s belted-back jacket & vest with nice red & blue flecking, cream flannel trousers (essentially the only option below a matching jacket & vest), and cream leather & canvas Ralph Lauren wingtip summer shoes (it’s still September in California. The High today is 83). Check out RL’s obsession with re-creating vintage styles with the nailed heels!



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