Daily Selfie 9/27/14

Sam & Monica join the circus!
Or at least attempt to.

We went to the Vespertine Circus benefit show in Oakland on Saturday night, dressed appropriately.
Monica is wearing an adorable 50’s cotton primary pastel dress with cotton ribbons on the shoulders and color blocks in the skirt.


I’m wearing a John Bull tophat, formal black&white striped shirt with tipped collar, 20’s formal wool trousers, red & gold doubled-around 1900-style bow tie, and a difficult-to-obtain* 1980’s(!) DKNY(!) high-fashion military-styled women’s vest (no princess seams).


*i own a few, because I’ve bought every one I’ve come across. They garner countless compliments, and I really love having a piece like this that stands out so much, it becomes a “token Sam vest”.
Monica just wore (a smaller) one yesterday to an audition for the part of a cross-dresser. I didn’t get pictures, but she got the part :)
Instead, I invite you to watch her stage a very serious duel

The drinks were pretty good too :) 


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