Weekend Costume Sales!

There’s some costume sale goodness going on in the bay area this weekend!

Here’s the skinny.

#1. Hayward Douglas Morrisson Theatre Costume Sale
Costumes, clothing (some vintage) and lots of fabric.
Really goddamn cheap. Seriously, I think I paid $1-2 per item. I should’ve bought more. Get here early!
Lots of parking, sale entrance is around back, follow the cute signs.
SATURDAY Sept 27, 10-3: Open to the Public
22311 N 3rd St

Hayward, CA 94546

#2. Penny’s Costume Rental in Redwood City is Closing Shop
Giant Inventory Sale in Redwood City
Dates & Times:
September 27 & 28 9 a.m. — 3 p.m. (Sat/Sun)
At her house:
333 Sequoia Avenue, Redwood City, CA (across from­ Woodside Plaza)
Large variety of costumes of different themes/eras.
Most of it is crap, but there are certainly some gems.
Prices are acceptable.
I suggest stopping at Cafe Borrone just a couple miles away in Menlo Park, because they’re gooood.

This is from Penny’s (the Candy Striper outfit, not Monica). Where was this while I was injured??


I am officially starting my campaign to dress in doctor/nurse outfits for Halloween this year.


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